Sunday, November 29, 2009

Day 82: Blue Moon

OK, I did it.  I stayed up too late last night and watched Twilight.  I held off on the books until just a few months ago, before realizing that unless I read them I wouldn't be able to carry on a conversation with many of my friends.  Same goes for the movie.  Hubs was out last night with some friends, so I sat at home watching this thing  and thinking to myself that I just could not get into the Edward as played by Robert P. in the movie.  Too pasty.  And the red lips and goofy hair?  Naaah.

So I'm going to bed NOW, even though it's just 8:30. 



Kathryn said...

Aw. Well, I give you kudos, sweetie. I haven't even tried to get into time, no real inclination. Except being able to relate to my nieces...da boys could care less!

Allegria said...

It's crazy, Kathryn. A friend of mine went to the new movie twice, and was laughing at the swooning, gasping, giggling, GROWN women. Ah well--I've done my bit. RP was much better as Cedric Diggory.

inadvertent farmer said...

I'm one of the few that have not read or seen the movies...I just cannot bring myself to! So have no clue during conversations about modern culture, lol!

Love your photos...I'm going to peek around to see more! Kim

Allegria said...

Inadvertent Farmer: I know. When I think about what I've done, I feel so ashamed... :oD I'm so glad you stopped by. Finding your place today was like finding a new treasure.

Anonymous said...

What a coincidance, saw the same moon, even during early afternoon above Athens.
It is this month when it will be full even twice.
A wonderful Wednesday for you.