Monday, November 9, 2009

Day 62: donut disaster

Monday night is Family Night at our house, and the biggest question isn't "What enlightening lesson has so-and-so prepared tonight" but rather, "Who is responsible for the treat, and what will it be?"  Tonight it was my turn, and J had requested donuts.  Which was a fun idea.  Of course, when it actually came to put together the batter, I realized that I didn't have the ingredients to make the ones I usually make (one uses orange peel, the other buttermilk).  So I tried a new recipe that I found online.  It looked fine. J and I put it together, then I heated the oil in the fryer and started to dunk them.  They seemed to go brown awfully fast in the time that they were supposed to cook, and I had to take them out early for fear they would burn.  They did look pretty nice:

And they tasted pretty good, too--if you happened to get one that wasn't raw in the middle.  I took the first bite and "bleh--goopy!" 


Usually I don't use vegetable oil, but that's all I had this time.  Maybe that had something to do with it.  But they were overbrowning almost as soon as they hit the oil, let alone what they would be like if I let them sit there for 2 minutes.  Thankfully, enough made the "cooked enough to be edible" grade, so all was not lost.  And the preparation was fun.  I was too busy with the hot oil to take a photo of J patting, rolling, cutting, and hole-ing,  but you can imagine what a blast that was for a 6 year old.

I guess it's a lesson in being prepared.  Now I'll have to keep orange peel and/or buttermilk in the freezer so as not to have to experiment again.


Le blÖg d'Ötli said...

Yes this new recipe looks fine !! May I have some donut ???? Pleaaaase ?

Allegria said...

Otli: Oh they LOOK delish--but when you take a bite, you get a maw full of gummy batter. Blech! Looks are definitely deceiving in this photo! Not sure why they cooked so fast--I had everything set the way I always do heat and time wise. Different recipe, though, and different oil.

Magpie said...

Never have I made donuts. I'm leery of the boiling oil business. I think I need to get over that.

Allegria said...

Hi, Magpie. I felt the same way, but a couple of years ago my dad gave me a deep fat fryer for Christmas. I wouldn't do it without one--at least now I know everything is well controlled. It's actually pretty fun!