Monday, December 21, 2009

Day 103: Winter Gems

One thing has led to another, and I STILL don't have a normal computer.  Everything is pixelated almost beyond recognition, and it looks like I should be playing PacMan on an Apple IIe.  When I fired everything up last evening, I noticed that this "new" hard drive is 5 years old.  Uh.  Not cool.  So when customer service  opens this morning, guess who's getting a call?  I noticed all of this last night when I was uploading photo of the day, so stopped that to call Dell, and at 12:30 am I got off the phone, only to hear Adam coughing up a storm, so spent the night with him.  Oy.  So, to continue, here is my post that I started, but did not complete, yesterday due to extenuating circumstances.  The photos WERE taken yesterday, and I started to post when everything went south.  Does that count?

(written December 20, 2009)

We have had the most beautiful snow the last couple of days!  Yesterday the kids and I went out while it was still snowing (which it did all day) and packed down our sledding hill.  I didn't bring the camera coz I wanted my baby to stay dry.  But this morning I went out and caught a bit of it.  I wish you could have come with me--it was a lovely morning.  Church was cancelled again today. The call was made last night, when it was still snowing enthusiastically.  So we had another free day.  Spent it baking, bringing Christmas goodies to friends, and playing with puppets.  And going for this morning's walk.

And I'm soooo excited about the photo I'm going to take this evening!  I dragged everything out to do it last night, only to have a dead battery pack.  I have to wait until dark, so I'm hoping that it will work out.  If it does, it's going to be really nice.  Unless everything melts today.  Which would put a kibosh on my plans. Fingers crossed!  Have a lovely day, all.


Kathryn said...

Love, love, LOVE these photos! (And this is high praise from someone who hates the freakin' snow!)

The lighting....the sun....the sweet little doggie prints....and those there something under the snow, or are they empty??

Extraordinary photos!

Maureen@IslandRoar said...

Love the one with the fence. This snow is beautiful! White Christmas....Yeah!

Sprite's Keeper said...

Beautiful photos! I'm almost embarrased about the point and shoot shots I'm posting tomorrow. :-)
My husband is a geek. I'd offer to send him over to help you out, but the gas expense would kill the journey.

jane said...

love this series.... but now i want to drink something hot. happy holidays!

Jenna said...

oh my goodness! I wish I was there! :)