Monday, December 28, 2009

Day 110: Love Chicago

Up from 8 last night to this morning with a sick little guy. Cough cough cough all night.  I usually post after the kiddos go to bed, but last night it was impossible.'s yesterday's photo.  We really didn't do much in the way of anything photo worthy. Just went to church then to visit some old friend's of Meryl's.  I was a bit shy about taking out my camera at someone else's house, for some reason.  But anyway, here's a quick one from the early evening.  I was slightly bored on the drive, so tried making shapes with the lights.  It's like trying to draw blind and upside down (the heart looks right side up in the photo, but to do so I had to "draw" it upside with the camera!), so the stars and treble clefs that I tried didn't work out as well as the hearts--although I tried for blocks and blocks and blocks!!

The plan is to go to the Brookfield Zoo and carol to the animals tonight. We were going to do so on Saturday, but the time got away.  I'll bring the tripod--hopefully will get at least a couple of neat photos!

Have a good day.  I'll see you again this evening--I hope.

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Anonymous said...

Many getting well wishes and a wonderful Tuesday as well.