Monday, December 7, 2009

Day 90: Birthday cake, of sorts

It was hubby's birthday last week, but he was going to a hockey game that night with a friend, so we couldn't celebrate then.  Then we were going to do the birthday thing on Saturday, but another friend invited him to a Pens hockey game, so no go on Saturday.  So today, almost a week later, we finally had cake.  His cake of choice this year was German Chocolate, which I hadn't made before.  I think I must have had every bowl in the house in use.  Mix this here.  Set aside.  Mix that there.  Then cream this.  But only one kitchenaide bowl, so transfer the creamed ingredients into another bowl, wash kitchenaide bowl, beat the egg whites...and on it went.  I have to say that the cake recipe from the Baker's German Chocolate box is very nice.  Love cakes that use buttermilk.  But next time I'm going to use brown sugar rather than white in the frosting.  Might make it more caramely tasting, which could be yummer.

And I'll be happy when we have a level floor.  When the guys installed our oven, they raised the front as much as it would go, and it's still not level.  Cakes bake lopsided.  Marbles roll under the cupboards (no plinth installed either),  and if I'm washing the floors, get in your swimsuit.  Slip 'n slide! 

I definitely didn't choose its best side to take a photo of.  I always have to adjust the layers so the thick parts (see above about the crooked floor) are opposite each other, as you can see from the photo, and the frosting isn't peaking provocatively out from between the layers on this part.  Rather, it's either hiding completely or trying to make a break for it. That said, who cares what it looks like?  There's chocolate--loads of it--and coconut and nuts and more chocolate and...yeah.  Looks aren't everything.

I ask you, though, how are we going to eat a cake that feeds 12?  We packed up a fairly hefty portion of it and brought it over to the missionaries tonight, but there is still half a cake left.  I'll put the kettle on.  Come on over!


Kathryn said...

Oh, wow! Are you kidding? I'll be right over! that cake looks incredible!!! Coudn't you use some kind of baking stone and stick it under whatever you're baking to even out the level-issue? I'm sure you've already thought of this. Obviously, it hasn't kept you from making something I can almost taste from here.

Y-U-M! Good job, sweetie. I'll bet its delish! Hope hubby appreciates all your hard effort!

Anonymous said...

That scrumptious looking cake wouldn't last one night in our house. Seriously? You need help eating it up? Send me directions - we'll be right over!