Monday, December 21, 2009

Day 104: tree topper

The photo that I was going to take today ended up being a no-go. The lights were on when we left for Julia's concert tonight--but they were off when I got home from babysitting a friend's kids.  Soooo...I'm afraid a rather busy photo of the tree topper is all I've got.  I really like the tree topper, though!  It's made out of big cinnamon sticks hot glued together.  I've had this topper for years.  OK--this TYPE of topper.  It's easy, and if the tree falls over, it's easy to relace.  I'm all for ornaments that are easy to replace and that are good dipped in hot chocolate.


Christina said...

I think your on to something, with that tree topper! And it is as pretty as can be!

Anonymous said...

Ancient with its form, stil able to provide much joy throughout this time of the year.
May you all have a wonderful Christmas.

Allegria said...

Christina: Thanks so much for stopping by! I'm honoured--truly. After seeing your post today with the star anise, I'm mulling over making some ornaments out of it for next year. I'm also embarassed that your first visit here is to this not-so-well-done photo. *blush*

Robert: Thanks. I really like its simplicity and earthiness. Reminds me of the drawings of stars we'd cover our notebooks with as kids. You have a lovely Christmas as well.