Thursday, December 31, 2009

Day 113: December 30, 2009 A Little Hackey?

Oy--didn't get home til well past midnight.  Went to a Wolve's game at the arena where hubby used to work as an auxilliary police officer, then out for wings.  Late.  Late.  Late.  So the post is late--but the photos WERE taken!  Here are a few of pictures from the game.  We were way up in the cheap seats on the far corner.  It was fun to use my camera as binoculars, even though my long lens doesn't have IS and I didn't want to use a flash and constantly annoy those around me.  I'm surprised that, although slightly busy, the photos weren't a complete wash.  I was doing lots of calm, meditative breathing in conjunction with squeezing the shutter in an attempt at minimal movement.  Hard to do at a hockey game! HA!

Wouldn't be hockey without a fight or two...

Um..should the linesman be laughing? 

Wolves won!  4-1.  Yay!

We also spent the day at the Field Museum with the kids.  Might post some of those later today somewhere, but right now I'm not up to going through another set of photos.  We're off to exchange too small/large clothing gifts.  Whee!  Have a lovely day, and I'll see you again tonight.  Do you have NYE plans?  So far, we're going out for Chicago Pizza at Giordanos and...uh...not sure what else.  Such party animals we are, eh?  :oD  So please--let me live my NYE vicariously through you!  Tell me what you'll be doing, and I'll imagine being there and enjoying it with you.


Maureen@IslandRoar said...

Oh, no, and I was hoping to live vicariously thru you!
My NYE plans right now include a Netflix, a chocolate mousse brownie, and my bed (alone). All the kids have plans so this will be weird.
Enjoy, and Happy 2010!

Allegria said...

HA! That's funny. We ended up going to see Sherlock Holmes after the kids went to bed. We checked the time when we left. 12:40. Completely missed the beginning of 2010! Got home. And crawled into bed. Not alone, but what does that matter when hubby has a head cold? Didn't even get a chocolate mousse brownie, which, I might add, sounds divine and which I must somehow get a recipe for.

So I think we end up as a draw on whose NYE was the most exciting! hehe.

Kathryn said...

Sigh. We are officially a bunch of blog-fuddie-duddies....

Where's that brownie??

Allegria said...

Kathryn: I know! And I've been hinting to Maureen that really, she has mentioned that particular brownie often enough that she ought to post it. It's really not fair to taunt us like that, is it?