Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Day 85: Corner View

Today's Corner View is "A Corner of Our Home"

Our home is our first house, purchased four years ago, and in our romantic idealism, lack of funds, but desire to live in a good neighbourhood with good schools, we bought a Victorian in a neighbourhood full of restored Victorians.  We love the area--right near a hiking/wildlife area, great school district, and awesome neighbours. 

This house was NOT restored, but the house has great structure, good bones, and a nice layout.  The majority of the work left is cosmetic.  The first couple of years we went great guns in the improvement arena. Then a year and a half ago, hubby's job abruptly ended, through no fault of his own, and my talented, intelligent man has not been able to find work. He's great at what he does and any college would be be blessed to have him. They just don't know that, yet, and with sooo many people out there in the same boat, well, it's tough.  ANYWAY, out of work = stalled house improvements. Le sigh.

BUT, we've put in new windows and blow-in insulation, the wiring and plumbing are updated, and we gutted and redid the dr, lr, and kitch walls and ceilings--but let me tell you right now that there's a reason for cosmetics.  Just like on people, some women need it more than others, and this house definitely needs it!  We always laugh when we give people directions.  "Ours is the house on the street with the polka dots and ugly, half ripped off, insulbrick siding."  or "just look for the ugliest house on the street--that's ours."  What I wouldn't do for siding and gutters.  Sigh.  Oh.  And trim on interior doors/entries and windows.  Baseboards would also be nice.  And a level kitchen floor.  And would time to finish stripping the wood and painting the stairwell so I can put up the pictures that have been sitting in a drawer for an age be too much to wish for?  But we're blessed, because when the job ended, we weren't in a house that we couldn't afford to keep.  Whew.  So even with all of its figure flaws, I am very, very grateful for this house.

Sooo...which corner to show you.  They're all pretty full of dust these days.  So I just grabbed my camera and shot off a couple of quick things. Really.  Quick.  And I'm not showing you the outside.  :oP  I'm sure the neighbours are despairing that their property values will EVER go up again.

(I love this little guy given to me by a dear friend years ago.  Cute, eh?)

So let's change that to "bits and pieces of our home."

Part of the bookcase.  I packed the vast majority of my books a year ago when we were planning on moving.  The job that would precipitate the move never materialized, and the books are still in boxes.

A bit from my favorite piece of furniture.

Dining room lamp  (That's all you're seeing--the table is covered with kiddy and hubby hobby projects!)

The wood from our stair railing that I've been gradually stripping down for years.  Layers upon layers upon layers of paint of many different hues.  Ugh.  Not sure that it will ever be done!

And just to keep it real:

For more corner views visit Jane. Have a lovely day!


P.S.  Remember the "fantastic" that didn't happen yesterday?  Here they are!


Christina said...

You have a beautiful home! And the books~ Swoon!

Kathryn said...

All these lovely photos of your home...and then you totally distract me with those wonderful goodies!

Oh, YUM!

One, please....

Jodi said...

YUM love the book pic and the toys are supposed to be that way. Played with! yay!

Allegria said...

Christina: Thanks! The book thing is funny, because when I initially packed the books up a year ago, the bookcase was pretty much empty, except for maybe one or two shelves. Now you'd never know. They're once again stuffed full. I haven't bought anything new, and the boxes haven't been unpacked, so I'm not quite sure how they've been aquired. Not that I'm complaining!

Kathryn: I've saved one for you. Come right on by! I'll put on the kettle.

Jodi: Definitely played with. But what are the slippers doing in there? *shakes head* Methinks it be time to do a toy purge. LOL

Magpie said...

Books have a way of breeding...

That painted dresser is lovely.

julochka said...

i don't think you should feel afraid to post the reality...we've all got corners (and in my case an entire laundry room) that we wish looked less like they have been hit by a car bomb. my little desk corner only looked as neat as it did because i recently tidied it up, usually, it's much messier!

Le blÖg d'Ötli said...

Elegant and cheerful... gourmand and funny... quiet and full of life... That's perfect ;) and... I forgot... books of course ;) Thanks for sharing.

Maureen@IslandRoar said...

I love old Victorians. But I know, so much work. That wood railing and light fixture are gorgeous.
And so are those pretzels; yet another idea of yours I'm gonna steal!

Erin said...

I LOVE Victorian style houses! I live in one myself now, although will be moving soon. :(

Also, not to sound cliche' but, it's the journey and the process that matters most!

jane said...

you have a lovely home. i still have books in boxes too... :)

Kari said...

I love the toys - that's just how it is.
I also like the dresser.
Thanks for sharing.

Allegria said...

Magpie: I think these books' parents are from my husband's collection of WW II and home repair volumes that have been stashed upstairs. The results of their time in the solitude are being manifest by their many offspring.

Julochka: I'm so glad you feel that way. Sometimes I feel that I must be the only one who wants to sink into the floor when someone drops by unexpectedly!

Otli: Ah--you make me blush. :o)

Maureen: The pretzels are so fun! A bag of chocolate chips and about a tablespoon or a bit less of shortening (or not. Makes it melt a bit smoother, but the chocolate then doesn't harden as much). Melt in the microwave. Dip. Dip. Enjoy. :o) They make fun Christmas give-aways.

Erin: I've always been the one that liked the destination. LOL. Especially if the journey is dusty and long and ugly! That said, there's nothing like paint to brighten a room and my day!

Jane: Isn't it aggravating? The funny thing is that these WERE on the shelf. Now they're in boxes again, but the shelf now doesn't look like I took anything out of it!

Kari: Thanks! I LOVE the dresser. And I love the deal I got on it, too. heehee