Sunday, December 6, 2009

Day 89:

There's something about a cuppa and a kitty cat that makes the world definitely worth it.  It has been a good day--just long, and now it's at an end, and I'm sitting here with some cocoa and the cat after traying with varied success to take some pictures of the Christmas lights. It was pretty touch and go, as you'll see.  If anyone has any fabo tips on tree light photography, I'd appreciate it.  Mucho croppy-jobbies on these the first three of these.

The tree topper was made by taking five giant cinnamon sticks and hot gluing them together. 

These next ones were of the reflection of the tree in the window.  Messing around with making the light dance was a kick!  Makes up somewhat for buckling under the pressure to use coloured lights this year instead of the pretty, icy, white ones.

Now for something completely different...
Funny quote someone gave at church today.  The background is that he and his wife went to hockey game (he LOVES hockey, and his wife is a crazed fan, now!), Pitt vs Chicago.  They had an extra ticket, so brought Hubs along, one of only a few in the crowd proudly wearing a Hawk's jersey.  Anyway, today at church, the friend was speaking and, after explaining about going to the game said, " There was a lot of fighting.  Hockey's a rough sport.  During the fighting, people were yelling things--some of them rather inappropriate.  And I looked to my right at my dear, sweet wife in her jersey yelling like crazy (but appropriately!), and to my left was a good friend, and I thought to myself that this must be what heaven will be like.  Minus the obscenities."

His heaven, maybe.  In mine, I'll appreciate my family better than I do and understand them better and have better empathy. I'll be able to eat everything I want without gaining a pound.  I also won't say stupid things that I shake my head over later.  There there won't be fruitcake, eggnog, and mincemeat at Christmas to ruin a perfectly good holiday repast.  I will be able to read all day, retain it, and not get a sick headache from too much of my nose in a book.  Cameras will see like the human eye, and I'll know how to use one properly and have plenty of opportunities to practice! Just a couple of things quickly, and fairly inanely, off the top of m head.

What about you?  What's your heaven like?


Jenna said...

ooh, I LOVE the last picture!
And your heaven sounds just perfect to me!

Maureen@IslandRoar said...

I don't know, the kitty and the cuppa come pretty close for me.
Love the reflection pictures; they lood like fireworks!

Allegria said...

Jenna: My 11:30 at night heaven isn't as deep and thoughtful as my mid-day heaven might be. LOL Thanks for stopping by!

Maureen: The first(not posted) was an accident. Then a lightbulb went off and it was playtime! hehe I meant to ask which cat was Lilah in the picture you put up today?

sheila said...

Nice shots very diffrent.(Thanks;you just gave me an idea. What a diffrent way to photography a tree. besides that Ican hide the damage from my 2yr old.)After the little ones go to bed I may give it a try.

Kate said...

These are so great! You must be very crafty, I never would have thought about doing this for a stay, but it think it's wonderful!