Thursday, December 24, 2009

Day 107: Christmas Eve on the road

Got as far as Columbus last night.  I discovered the BEST trick to getting the kids to calm down and go to bed.  They were off the wall wired and wanted to bounce all over the beds.  So I told them that if they calmed down and crawled into bed, they could bounce on the beds as much as they wanted in the morning without any nagging from me. 

At that, they were instantly under the covers  And the next morning the first question was, "Can we bounce on the beds now?"  "While Daddy's in the shower," I said, not wanting him to stress out tooooo awfully much about the execution of the aforementioned reward.  So they did:

Does letting my kids jump on hotel beds to their heart's content make me an irresponsible mother?  I don't know.  All I know is that I also gave it a try, but couldn't get much in the way of air for fear of cracking my head on the ceiling.  After about five minutes, the kids were tuckered out, and it made for a much quieter morning. 

On the way out of Columbus, we spotted this sign:

They'll try to market anything, these days.

Julia showing off her new lip gloss that she got at the school gift exchange:

Mr. Serious.

Dayton, Ohio.


Uh...yuh think?

But guess who this is?  I think it's...


(Slightly in disguise...)

And lastly...

Adam all relaxy

Merry Christmas, everybody.  I hope you have a wonderful Christmas spent with joy in the company of loved ones. Cheers!


sheila said...

I would have probably let the kids jump a while to. Anything to burn off a little energy. lol. I really like the rusty truck. You are right it does remind you of Mater. The used tire sign it cute too.

Paul Wynn said...

thats a good idea.. let them jump around til they're too tired too and then bam.. knock out!
Merry Christmas Lynn!

Anonymous said...

Being a father of a two year old boy, this for sure was of interest. Today he was awake about twelve hours without a sleep...until he did fall into it without a warning, tonight at ten.
Please have you all a wonderful start of the weekend.

Kathryn said...

I think it's excellent that you let 'em jump to their heart's content....that's the fun of being on the rules, new place....who cares? I'll bet you've made a memory they won't soon forget, if ever.

Your photos are adorable....but where have I been? How did I miss so many of your posts??
I'm sorry I'm so behind!