Monday, December 28, 2009

Day 111: Obscure Chicago things and such

It's late and we've been out freezing all day.  I didn't take pics of any of the major landmarks while we were downtown.  First of all, they've all been done and in the cold and freeze andwith my limited lens, I couldn't figure out how to make them unique.  And secondly, it was too darn cold an windy to take many shots anyway!  Nose hair freeze, eyes running, toe numbing cold.  And we've been in it since about noon.  My eyes are droopy, so quickly a couple of things from today:

Waiting to cross the street.  He might not think he has a heart, but at least he has a brain...

Extra points if you know why hubby put on the brakes and said, "Hop out and take a photo of this!" and I said, "OK--but I'm not going into the back alley..."

'I' think! I'll pass

Requisite mascot mobbing snapshot.  We were a couple of the only kids coming through the gates at the time, and the camel, monkey, penguin, tiger, and I don't know what all else descended on the kids en masse.  Luckily, they took it in their stride. 

Caroling to the tiger, who promptly tucked his nose and ears further under his paws as if to let us know in no uncertain terms that he was NOT impressed with our performance, thank you, and would rather sleep.


Maureen@IslandRoar said...

Does your boy not have the most awesome eyes ever! Great shots. Glad he's feeling better?

Joyce said...

Great photos! You are the brave one to tackle downtown in the cold. Smile... We live about 1.5 away and couldn't pull myself away from the fireplace. Looks like everyone is having a wonderful time. Enjoy my friend and Happy New Year! xo

Allegria said...

Maureen: Well, yes! He does! He's feeling kind of better, but he coughs a lot at night. We think it's because of the dry heat in this house (if you could call it heat--it's freezing in here), and the vent blows right on top of him when he sleeps. But yes--during the day he feels pretty chipper.

Joyce: You should have come to the Brookfield Zoo as well! Hubs brought the kids downtown again today to go to the Museum of Science and Industry, but it was packed. So they came home. I suppose the water tower isn't particular obscure, nor is the State street sign. I want to go on a tour of goofy little points of interest, but he doesn't really know of any. Like things from "The Blues Brothers" or places such as the Biograph, where interesting things happened. Any ideas?

Anonymous said...

this looks indeed like a great place to be; what a great contrast to athens, greece.
a wonderful wednesday for you all.

Allegria said...

A very great contrast, Robert! Although I've always wanted to visit Athens. When I was young--very young--I went to Europe with my uncle and grandmother, and that was one place I really wanted to get to, but it wasn't in everyone else's plan. Sigh.