Tuesday, January 12, 2010

125: Model kitty

OK.  So I go upstairs and see two little kitty cats in perfect, cheeks together unison. It was the sweetest thing.  So I go grab my camera and quickly take a photo before the skittish Mooch can jump off the bed.

Forgetting in my haste to check the flash settings.


So I ended up with a black photo.

Quickly set everything up again.  And got this:

Thank you so much, cat.

But Nellie was still there. 

Looking a bit suspicious.

But then, being a diva at heart, she started to work it:

There's my girl!

I've had the pleasure of being tagged by Suzicate at The Water Witch's Daughter.  I was lucky enough to come across her blog through a mutual bloggy friend.  She has a way of making everyday experiences not so everyday.  I have a feeling that we'd have lots of laughs together, should we ever meet. 

I'm supposed to tell you seven things about myself that other people might not know about.  Erg.  Trying to think of something to substitute, but I can't.  So I'll do my best for the team, although I might end up repeating stuff from a tag a few months ago.  These aren't too deep.  It's too late!

1.  I can speak fluent piglatin.
2.  My favorite smell is a freshwater lake.  The ocean is next.
3.  I love old things.  Anything.  From old books and photos to old people.  They look so experienced and wise, and I want to hear their stories.
4.  Had a pet turtle once, back when it was legal. He didn't make it.
5.  My ears are pierced crooked, and won't grow in so I can get them redone.  I think I mentioned this before, but I'm desperate, here!
6.  My sister and I ran after a moose once.  She was about 5 or 6.  I was older and should have known better.  Luckily, the moose was unconcerned.
7.  Did I mention the piglatin?

Next, seven folks I'm tagging.  There is no particular theme here, and if I've repeated you in a previous tag, please take it as a compliment.  Also, I completely understand if you'd rather not play--although I hope you will.  I just think that others will enjoy your blogs as much as I do and hope they take a wander your way.  :)

I can't remember who I tagged before.  A failing memory is something that everyone knows about me, so it didn't make the list. 

1.  Kim at Inadvertent Farmer.  She lives a camel-centric life in Washington State.  Love her stories--and Gizmo does, indeed, rock! 
2.  The beautiful inside and out Christina at Soul Aperture. She is my daily dose of calm and beauty.
3.  Inna at Framboesa.  A young photographer with an amazing eye, she has a fresh take that I enjoy very much. 
4.  Mike at Life's Like That.  He is an old friend who was rediscovered through Facebook and blogging.  I'm loving the social media world!  Check his blog out--you'll be glad you did.
5.  La ninja.  I love her blog.  I should comment on it more...so please, check out her place.  Comment.  And so will I.
6.  Beth at Be Yourself...Everyone Else is Taken.  That rings so true--as does every post that she writes. 
7.  Joyce at A Perfect Beginning.  The lovely photos compliment her posts perfectly.

OK.  You're It!!!


Anonymous said...

i've had several pet turtles in the past. are they really not allowed as pets anymore?

Le blÖg d'Ötli said...

Beautiful... portraitS

Allegria said...

Kamana, I think it has something to do with salmonella or something and, at least in Canada where I lived, they are illegal now. At least they were last time it came up in conversation.

Otli: Thanks. You always make me feel that it's worthwhile to keep snapping away!

Maureen@IslandRoar said...

My goodness, she was really working it! Love the photo with her eyes peering over her tail. Very cool!

Anonymous said...

A further proof that cats are poetry. Please have you all a wonderful Friday.

Christina said...

pig latin? so very cool!
i thank you so much, for thinking of me. this looks like fun!
: )

beth said...

thank you so very very much for this award....

I finally did a post yesterday to play with everyone else who had also given me this award and now feel like a total shmuck for not adding you into that group....

I am so sorry.....

thank you again !!!

Allegria said...

Oops. Today I decided to start moderating comments, and in doing so realized that I really should check my junk folder, just to make sure nothing is getting lost there. What do I found? A wackload of comments that I didn't realize I had! Time for a bit of catch up. And I DO apologize!

Maureen: Isn't that the truth? She's so little and generally shy, but she'll let me take pictures of her all day. Her big brother, Mooch, hides under the couch. Must be a girl thing.

Robert: I know. There's something about their eyes and how they move that gives no doubt as to why the Egyptians worshiped them

Christina: It's an odd party trick. My family used it when we were kids so we couldn't understand them. So we made a point of learning it! Unfortunately, it doesn't work so well in my little family now, because my husband understands it only when spoken at the speed of a snail and with much stopping and head scratching.

Beth: Oh Beth, that's so not a problem. I just like sending people to places that I enjoy. No schmuck-feelings necessary. :o)

Anonymous said...
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