Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Corner View

Hey, Corner View people!  I'll be putting up my post on "Personal Style" this evening. Have to get back to work now, so no time to take photos sure what.  But I'm looking forward to this assignment, so I hope you check back later.  In the meantime, whether you participate in Corner View or not, you'd enjoy paying a visit to Jane's place at Spain Daily and checking out posts by those who were on the ball enough to post early.  There's always interesting things to view in other people's corners!  After that, if you still need help in filling a few minutes, there's always my post from yesterday...  Ugh.  :oP 

Have a loverly day, all.  See you this evening!


Anonymous said...

In the morning can you stop by my place and pick up an award I'll have waiting there for you?

Allegria said...

Oooh! Goodie! I'll dust off a spot on my shelf for it. :o) Thanks!

Joyce said...

I'll be back. Happy photo taking! xo