Sunday, January 17, 2010

Day 130: Sorry! (neener-neener)

J was sick last night, so we kept her home from church today.  I went to the first meeting, since I was playing a piano solo, and then came home and hubby took A to the rest of the meetings while I got to hang with the girl.  We played almost every game we had in the house today--including this never ending game of Sorry!  We realized that we had been playing it wrong since the beginning, and when we implemented the actual rule of the slide, we ended up constantly sending each other back to start.  It was pretty funny.  Made for some good one-on-one time, of which we haven't had a lot lately.  And she wasn't feeling as bad as she was yesterday and last night, so things were a bit more cheerful.  It was another good day.

Notice below the blue piece at home base.  That's J. Then notice the green ones on the lower right.  That's me.  Sent back to start.  Notice how many she has at start?  None.  That would be Zilch. 


Guess who won?

Me.  Not sure how.  J is cut-throat at this game.

Not sure what this face was about, but she probably had just slid me back to start.  Again.  The meanie!

I got my first blog spam today.  I have now arrived!  But anonymous comments are now blocked, so please identify yourself!

Piano solo:  It's a piece I've known for almost 30 years.  I can play it almost by heart, but I get so nervous playing in public that you'd never know it.  My hands get stiff and sweaty and my brain turns off.  I completely flubbed the first two lines, but knew that if I kept going, it would only get worse.  So stopped.  Reloaded, and with a prayer and probably a prayer from others in the congregation, the second time was a charm.  Phew. 

Serious stage fright when it comes to piano.  Choir directing, I love.  Not even a hint of jitters.  But the piano kills me every time.  I remember in high school receiving a scholarship for a summer music school, and we had a master class, where we had to play a piece and then it was critiqued.  I put my foot down on the pedal, and COMPLETELY forgot to lift the pedal for the full piece!  They must have wondered how I snuck in.  LOL  Looking back, especially experiencing the nervousness I feel now, I can't imagine how I made it through the music festivals years ago.  But it was just a part of things, and I don't remember being so nervous then. 

Anyway, it's over.  At least after the falst start, things went better than expected.  But it has taken all day for my heart to get back to it's regular rhythm and my stomach to navigate back down to it's proper position.  I keep telling myself that the stomach dropping and rising is a way to get fit.  HA!




jane said...

i have terrible stage fright too. the things i´ve done so i wouldn´t have to speak in public... glad it went well in the end:)

Kathryn said...

I never knew how ppl overcame stage fright. I equate it to jumping off a bldg. Good for you for facing your fears! Hope your daughter feels better.

Allegria said...

jane: Luckily, public speaking isn't so hard for me. The podium can hide my shaking knees. But playing an instrument kills me, since it requires the use of quaking body parts. Impossible!

Kathryn: Rather than facing fears, I think it's more that I'm a sucker for punishment. Truly. And J feels much better, thanks. Not sure what it was, but it only lasted a day.