Monday, January 18, 2010

Day 131: Slinky

Zone, that is.

It was a holiday, and the kids were, I must say, model children all morning.  I don't know what they ate, but I wish I did, because I'd make it a vital part of their diet.  Anyway, they had wanted to go to the Slinky Action Zone in Altoona for awhile, and since they were behaving so well, we decided to surprise them and bring them over (it helped that we had coupons!  YAY!).

Brought the camera along, but couldn't get any good pictures, really.  So much netting everywhere that it kinda got in the way of things.

But I thought this looked kind of neat, so amused myself for awhile trying to take photos of the chairs.

It's the small things in life that count so much.  teehee

The people sitting at the table next to this one probably wondered what I was up to. 

Pennsylvania is the birthplace of the Slinky and in 2002 the Slinky became Pennsylvania's state toy.  Isn't that cool?  PA has an official toy!  Whodda thunk? 

I think I'm going to have to decorate in this color scheme, using Slinkies on my lamps.  So fun! 

I was thinking of John Cage the other day, and how he'd put goofy things on the piano strings, like nails and such, as part of his compositions.  He wrote a piece of music in the late 50s that was scored for things like a piano (normal), canaries (musical, at least), a broom (???) and an amplified Slinky! 

And with that piece of life altering trivia, I'll let you go for the evening.




Anonymous said...

Slinky, PA's official toy? Now that should entice tourism!!!! The barstool pics are cool!

Le blÖg d'Ötli said...

I like model children ans your pictures !!! and I prefer John Cage with pictures (I don't really like his music ;))...

Big question of translation : leaf gelatin = gelatin sheet ??? (I know you can find powder too...)

Allegria said...

suzicate: No kidding, eh? That so made me chuckle! It took me forever to get the chairs to work. Once again hampered by lens issues. As in, I need a new one!

Otli: I agree on the Cage music. I just like that he was creative enough to explore it. That doesn't mean we should have to pay to listen, though. Ugh.

We have unflavored gelatin in little packets, but I've never seen it in a sheet. One packet for the recipe?