Thursday, January 21, 2010

134: The doctor's...around. (Straight from the camera)

The guy who invented wax crayons?

My Hero.

And restaurants that give the kids crayons and an activity page with the menu are brilliant.

Wax crayons, my colorful, all purpose situation saver.

Like today at Miss J's well checkup.  We did the vitals and such, and then waited in the exam room for an age.  With no books provided to look at.  Eep!

Me and a feisty three year old and a slightly anxious Miss J. 

And then I see the paper lining the exam table.  And it was wax side down.  And remembered that I had restaurant crayons in a pocket of my purse.

Art time!!!

Meet Rainbow, beautifully rendered by Ms. J.

and Bumpie, by Sir. A.

(Sorry, this photo stinks.  Everyone was so involved in coloring, I was having a hard time getting in there.)

Lovin' colored wax.

And nice, long, blank canvases begging to be taken over by children.


Maureen@IslandRoar said...

Big time Mom Points for this idea (and having those crayons handy!).
And did you have a camera on you as well? I'm completely impressed!

Allegria said...

HA! The only reason I had the crayons was because the kids reminded me to keep them. With the 365 days photo challenge I'm always encumbered by my camera bag. It's like a third limb.

Thanks for stopping by! :o)

Anonymous said...

Should a grown woman admit she still likes to color? Hey, who said I was talking about me?!

Allegria said...

suzicate: Good for you! I like coloring--but only if there's a picture to help me stay in the lines. My drawing is beyond sad, but there's something about crayons pleads for the child insided to be released on an unsuspected piece of paper. Or wall...

Thanks for the award, btw. I'm going to try to post about it this evening. :o)

Anonymous said...

Fantastic photos. And they soooo took me back. My daughter loved to color. I loved the look of pure joy when she's open a box of crayons and take a little sniff. She even loved the smell!

Kathryn said...

I LOVE IT! I can remember doing the same thing once...but I only had a pen and it's DEFINITELY not the same thing!

We also had a rousing game of catch with a moist paper towel....

You gotta get creative!

Great shots, sweetie!!

Kathryn said...

No email address for you on your profile or at your place??
Email me @ to share something w/you!

Laurie Ashton Farook said...

The kidlets are getting so big! Wow!

You take great photos, you know? :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this small escape.

Please have a wonderful Sunday.

Allegria said...

Kathryn: Thanks! Pure luck, all of it.

Laurie: I KNOW! I miss you...

Robert: Glad of it. Do you have crayons in your pockets, now? You never know when your little guy can use them!