Saturday, January 30, 2010

Day 143: A bit o' sewing.

When my daughter was 5 months old I made her and her cousin a rag doll for Christmas.  OK.  Mom helped, coz I couldn't figure the hair, but for the most part, I made these dolls.  Made the dress for the cousin's, but didn't get Miss J's done before Christmas.  The intention was that I'd do it when we came back from Canada, where we spent Christmas that year.  And since she was so little, there wasn't much of a rush.  It wasn't like she'd be really playing with it at that age anyway.

Flash forward 6 years.  I'm up in the attic the other day, and here is this nekkid dolly.  I handed it to Miss. J and said, "I made this for you when you were little.  It doesn't have clothes, but you can play with it if you'd like."  I know, I should have saved it, made the clothes, and given it to her for a special occasion, but the way things have been going, she'd get it when she had grandchildren, and only because she was cleaning out my attic after my demise.  Sad, but too true.

That was about three days ago, and she and the dolly, who is as yet unamed, are inseparable.  But the lack of garmentness was damaging my delicate sensibilities, and that of Miss J as well.  Not to mention that running around without clothing in this weather is likely to cause frostbite.  This morning when Julia had wrapped the poor thing in a pathetic little rag, my conscience got the better of me, I took pity on her plight and went upstairs, found the pattern and some cotton (no mean task, mind you) and made a dress.  The pinafore isn't done (I didn't have the lace), but at least the dolly is decent.

Although I don't have a photo of the finished product, since I want to wait until I have the pinafore made, here is what I was staring at for most of the day:

The dolly also has a little dolly of her own (Bald, tho.  Still haven't attached the hair!  HA!), who also needed a modest covering.  So now J has two little matching dolls.  It's the cutest thing.

And as I type, both dollies are sweetly tucked in underneath her chin as she sleeps.

Sweet dreams.


Ocean Girl said...

I found sugar and spice and everything nice here at your blog.

Anonymous said...

Oh, how sweet! Yeah, the yarn hair is the hardest part to attach. It seemed like it took me forever on the three stuffed dolls I made for friend's kids. One was a giant dill with a head larger than mine...that one really did take forever. But they are sooo cute!

Le blÖg d'Ötli said...

It's like a fairy tale ;) Time is not important ;) you did it !

You saw... I got a lot of shirts and mugs... but... in fact, mugs are not all mine ;) As you guessed, I got children too ;) and love their mugs... too ;) My favorite now... is the japanese one ! My blogfriend JGY ordered it on an internet site I think... I'll try to find it if you want to do something similar ! tell me :)

May be they do clothes for dolls too !

Oliag said...

I never made a doll but I used to sew clothes for my girls dolls and enjoyed every minute of it...still have most of it all in my storeroom waiting for granddaughter Miss E to get old enough to enjoy it...

Charlotte said...

I find half finished projects all the time, but I usually put them back in their current resting place thinking I'll get to it someday. Good job pulling it out and finishing it!

Anonymous said...

Provides indeed hope to read your entry.
Being a father of a now 28 month old son, far too many times he went asleep with his Teddy in arms...currently am still awake, at four in the morning, as he is a bit ill and i shall take care of his night. Wishing you all the very best for the new month and week as well.

Kathryn said...

What? No photo of dollies? I don't care if they're not done....I wanna see!