Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day 133: Corner View--Your Style

I feel my best when I am clothed in or surrounded by contrasts

Denim and diamonds.

Silk and leather.

Weathered wood and sterling silver.

Jeans and a heeled shoe.

Old metal and soft, luxuriously draped fabrics.

Busy, heavy antiques against the backdrop of clean, modern furniture.

An old fashioned, ruffly, shirwaist blouse with a sleek skirt.

I love the feeling of being dressed casually, but wearing a pretty bracelet.  Or that underneath my raggy sweatshirt that I am cleaning the house in, I'm wearing the diamond necklace given to me by hubby.


(oops.  Gotta dust up there...)

Love it.

I grew up in casual surroundings in the country.  Makeup and those girly things weren't really encouraged much, probably because it wasn't part of our lifestyle then, and I was too awkward to broach the topic.  I always shied away from asking whether it was OK to start wearing makeup or jewelry, and nobody else in the family was really interested in those feminine things.  I was under the impression, probably wrongly so, that they were thought to be frivolous and silly, and I didn't want to be seen as such by being interested, so I never opened up the discussion.  I know now that I could have, but back then I didn't. 

Then I was all of a sudden an adult, and someone said, "You should at least put on a little bit of lipstick once in awhile.  You look tired!"  AH!  Now I guess it's OK!  Good!  Now I do wear makeup--but minimally, and these days it's usually applied quickly in the car mirror after getting to my destination, even it's just a bit of lipstick/gloss. And I still feel awkward wielding an eyelash curler and mascara.  Although I love washing my face, and will scrub away with the Neutrogena Wave cleanser thingy as long as possible, loving how it makes my dry as a desert skin feel smooth again, I think my makeup application routine is under two minutes!  I could never be one of those gals constantly checking her compact (uh...don't have one!) and powdering her nose!

I never really fit in the country life, though, much as I love that I lived it.  When I moved away to a city, I found that I was more inclined to sophisticated things, but my personality didn't quite let me be as sophisticated as my brain wanted me to be.  I really didn't fit in the city, either, at first.  Does that make sense?  I was awkward in the settings that I enjoyed. I felt that I didn't really belong all dolled up at the symphony, even thought I loved the symphony,  and that someone would see that I was an interloper and lead me out the door, even though I knew not to clap between innings  movements!  And then I decided that it didn't matter.  If I wanted to go to the opera, because I loved the opera, why couldn't I go as ME, and not as me imitating a sophisticant?

My personality wasn't about country.  And it wasn't about city.  It was a lucky combination of both, and it was fine for both sides to be seen in public at the same time.

And that's when I realized how much I  loved Contrast and discovered how strong and complimentary two opposites can be when paired together.

My style.

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Di said...

Love all your contrasts! And your ideas on really is what we make it!

Clothkits is a company that makes kits for sewing into clothes - as a child many of my clothes came from Clothkits - my mum made them all for me but the closed in the eighties.....but were resurrected a couple of years ago and use innovative prints to make classics! I love my Rob Ryan skirt!

Maureen@IslandRoar said...

I love the country and the city too. The best in life is all about contrasts, isn't it? I never thought of it that way. This post was lovely, almost poetic.

Joyce said...

I like how you mix country and city to your style. Very nice. xo

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful explanation of the duality within and about life.

Please have a nice Thursday.

Le blÖg d'Ötli said...

I think I understand and like these contrasts ;) The way we are... in the way we "wear"...

Anonymous said... got it. Just be yourself, and all will be well with the rest of the world. I used to wear this or that to impress or be like others...Now, I don't care. I'm a mishmash of sorts, but maybe that's just me.

julochka said...

hi allegria--

i didn't have your email, so i'm doing this as a comment (sorry about that). i'm happy to make you a hangy-dangly felt & beads thingie..just let me know what kind of "theme" it should have (mine is rather autumn) and how long you want it. just send me an email (it should be there on this comment, so you can just hit reply).

and now back to the post...i know what you mean about contrasts....that makes for great style! :-)

Elisabelle said...

I love contrast too!!
thanks for your visit and your kind words:)

Kristen @ Motherese said...

I admire your ability to mix contrasting pieces to define a style that's all your own. My style tends to be defined by whatever is at the top of the drawer. Sigh.

Allegria said...

Di: That is such an awesome idea! I'm going to go check them out.

Maureen: Aw, thanks. Coming from you, the master of lyrical writing, that means a lot.

Robert: Once again, you found a way to make my post deeper than I did! I love how you do that.

Otli: I just won't mention that when I'm working at home, some days my style consists of jammies and a ragged bathrobe. At least for awhile, until I feel guilty about it and go change. LOL

suzicate: You and I: The mutt and jeff of style.

julochka: YAY! Let me think a bit about it and get back to you by tomorrow, k? I'll have to figure out where I want to hang it and take a measurement or two. Thanks for stopping by! :o)

Elisabelle: Thanks! I enjoyed your nook. :o)

Kristen: I don't know if it's an ability or a necessity. I get bored easily with my clothes, frankly. I'd love to have the $$ to really go SHOP. And my style at home? Definitely the same as yours!

jane said...

i totally agree.i love your jacket btw. warm hugs-jane

likeschocolate said...

You have fantastic taste!