Sunday, April 11, 2010

Day 112: Spring Walk

Today was definitely a "need to go for a walk" day.  And the Park/Nature trails almost literally in our back yard is the perfect place (or is that "are," but you know what I mean!)

Shortly after this first shot, Julia slipped while exploring a tree root and skinned everything.  Both hands, fingers, wrist, both elbows, and a knee.  OW!

These roots are soooo cool looking! 

 We're going to try to come down here next week for a family photo before hubs leaves.

Couldn't get a very good shot of the kids, though.  Ah well.

This next photo came close to being another addition to J's crackin' good collection. 

Launching leaf boats in the creek:

Then Adam said, "Pee, Mommy," and before I could get to him, it was game over.

Must have been the rushing, rippling, gurgling, dripping, of the stream, coz he's reliably trained.

But we had to go home, regardless.

The end.

(Except for this cool wood.  Neat, eh?)


Le blÖg d'Ötli said...

Thanks for sharing this beautiful walk ! I look your pictures and it's still sunday !

Maureen@IslandRoar said...

Looks so lovely!
Sorry about those skinned knees; ouch.

Anonymous said...

Those are awesome roots. Great nature pics with the kids.

Anonymous said...

I always love your pictures and today is no exception. Love the roots and the pic of your two sweet ones from the back is precious!

Anonymous said...

What an impressive environment you call your own. Beautiful photography indeed. Wishing you all a nice Tuesday.

Lynn said...

Otlie: Because it WAS! LOL Aren't time zones funny? I can never keep track of what everyone is doing.

Maureen: I would have been crying a lot harder than she was. When things really hurt, she's a trooper. When her brother so much as touches her? You'd think she was being tortured.

suzicate: Thanks. Now that we can go out, there's probably going to be so many outdoor photos people are going to get completely bored. LOL

Jane: You are so sweet! THanks. We love love LOVE being able to go down into the park, and we're really lucky it's in our backyard.

Robert: We're really lucky. When I think about moving, because our house is so old needs to much work, I think that leaving the park would be just tragical. So I put up with no window and door trim for awhile longer. :oD