Friday, April 30, 2010

Day 231: Odds 'n sods

A couple of photos from today, and one that I neglected to post earlier this week.

Also an apology for not reading posts and responding as I ought.  I'm using my air card much of the time which, since I'm out of the country, will be a bit costly if I'm not careful!  I can use Sis' internet some of the time, but the time that I have to use the computer is also the end of the day when her family also has things to take care of, so it's a bit of a juggling act.  Things will hopefully get back to a semblance of a normal routine next week, when I get back.

OK.  Photos for today:

Poplar trees

There were a couple of deer grazing in this field, but as I walked up to the fence, they sauntered out of range.

Anyone think it funny that I saw this sign on the door of a school?  Every school in the province has this posted:

I'm not sure that it will do anything to help high school locker rooms, though, which is where the real concern lies.  teehee


Joyce said...

Love,love the first 2 shots and the last one gave me the giggles. Enjoy your weekend! xo

Anonymous said...

The first two pictures did remind me much of home - thank you. For the last one, guess it is an interesting mean to "measure time" as it surely has changed, since going to school.
Please have a wonderful Sunday

daily athens

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your photos and I really do love the scent free sign. While a bit silly, I'm thinking I really ought to get a shirt made like that so when the gents slathered in Aqua Velva get on the elevator, I can shew them out.