Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Day 222: Corner View--Earth Day

OK.  I could take pictures of my recycling, or the new windows, or the blow in insulation, or of J turning the water off when she brushes her teeth.

But instead, here's something that popped up in the side flower bed..  Our flowers come out after everyone else's. The soil is bad, and I haven't done anything yet to work it, and it doesn't get much sun.

But a couple of tulips showed their heads above ground this week, and today they decided that they would deign to bloom.

The earth decided to bring forth SOMETHING, even though I haven't given that particular patch much in the way of lovin'.

Thank you, pretty flowers!  And in honor of earth day, I'll let you stay alive and well in the earth rather than pick you and place you in a vase.

You can thank me by staying nice and beautiful for a little while longer, OK?


And thanks Joyce for hosting CV for Jane while she's off painting Mexico red!  So check out Joyce's place today for more CVs. 


kenza said...

beautiful pictures! have a lovely day!

Anonymous said...

I decided to start to teach my son how to ride a bike.
Beautiful photography. Please have a wonderful Thursday.

daily athens

kathryn said...

Beautiful photos, sweetie! We can't keep tulips here...the deer eat them. I have daffodils they count?

Happy Earth Day!

Theresa said...


Lynn said...

Thanks, Kenza.

Robert: Good on yah! I haven't started teaching Julia yet. All of her friends know how. I think she's feeling a bit put out. So we purchased one, then the weather got rainy. blech. How has it been going with your son?

Kathryn: Of COURSE daffodillies count. Not only do they look to cheery, but they also look like they're singing. Well, they do!

Thanks, Theresa! I'm off to your place now. Better late than never...