Saturday, April 17, 2010

Day 218: The lighting in my house...

...when I am Queen.

A good friend of ours has season tickets to the Pittsburgh Symphony's Fiddlesticks Children's Concert Series, and with one thing and another had extras today, and so graciously asked us if we'd like to go.  Of course!  We were the lucky recipients last year as well and jumped at the chance to go again. 

Whenever we step into Heinz Hall, the kids feel that they are inside a palace.  And here's just one reason why:

My foyer...when I am Queen.

Here's a detail.  Much better photo:

Some day, when I am Queen, I'll have a more useful lens for my good camera and won't be settling with bringing my point and shoot.  I love my point and shoot--it is an IS superzoom, and I'd be lost without it.  But still, it's not a DSLR, so options are a bit limiting, especially when I don't want to use a flash.

And when I am Queen, I will have a powder room like where this was taken, just off the restroom, with beautiful plush furniture, gilt mirrors, and a cozy fireplace, where I can adjust my gown or languidly wait for...oh, I don't know...the royal fanfare to begin or something..  And where I can gracefully swoon wilst my ladies in waiting bustle around with smelling salts (although I have fainted before.  It made me feel nauseous.  Swooning sounds so much more romantic).  And when I am Queen, my kids will be just as cute.


Melissa@Suger Coat It said...

Just lovely. I'll take one too. For the entry. You know. To make a statement.

Thanks for sharing.

kathryn said...

Your children are truly adorable. Gorgeous shots, sweetie. You shall have all that and much more...when you are Queen Lynn. Hope you had a great time at the concert!

Kim Living Life said...

what a beautiful chandelier wow, good photo from your P & S well done. Such cute children to

Luisa Doraz said...

Very nice photos. You do have an interesting blog. Your family looks like they are having fun. Have a great week. :)