Monday, April 19, 2010

Day 220: When you eat your Smarties...

Do you eat the red ones last?

Do you suck them very slowly,

Or crunch them very fast?

Eat that candy-coated chocolate,

But tell me when I ask,

When you eat your Smarties,

Do you eat the red ones last?

I do.  Nom-nom.  Thanks, Sis, for sending probably my most favorite candy coated chocolate in the post.  The question now is:  Do I share? 

The following vid has used the same tune as the original but changed the words.  It's so cute, though, that I'm posting it anyway!

**If you follow the wiki link above, then scroll down, it will tell you a bit about this ad campaign,
a part of every Canadian of my generation's childhood experience. **


Lisa said...

I don't eat red last but I always eat in pairs. Two reds at same time. Two blues. Two browns... I think if they are going down the hatch they might as well have some of their own kind for company.

Lynn said...

First, I line them up so the colors are together, then I eat them one at a time until there are the same number of each color. Then I eat one of each color until they're done, ending up with a red one. Although now that I know what the red and the violet color is made makes me feel that I'm dining rather exotically. Kind of like Zimmerman.