Thursday, April 22, 2010

Day 223: Potato chocolates

I made the centers for these awhile ago, and they've been covered and in the fridge.  Tonight I HAD to dip them, because I'm going to BC for ten days to visit my dad, who is ill, and my sister, who has been caring for him.  So.  Midnight chocolate dipping.

These taste just like Mounds chocolates.  And they have an interesting ingredient that helps give it the same texture.

Sorry.  Straight out of the camera.  For obvious reasons.  I can hardly keep my eyes open, and if I tried to edit them, they might end up green or something.

Pennsylvania Dutch Coconut Easter Eggs.

3/4 cup mashed potatoes--unsalted, unmilked, and unbuttered.
2 cups flaked coconut--fresh or dried.
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp vanilla
3-1/2 cup confectioner's sugar.
8 os semisweet chocolate.
1 Tbsp vegetable oil.

In mixing bowl, mix potato, coconut, salt, and vanilla.  Gradually mix in sugar.  Cover.  Refrigerate overnight (or longer...uh...yeah...).  Shape into 1/2 tbsp size eggs (I think mine were more.  I used the Pampered Chef mini scoop)  Heat chocolate and oil until chocolate melts.  Dip eggs into chocolate and oil mixture.  Set aside on wax paper in refrigerator to harden.

If mixture is too wet, DON'T add more sugar.  Add more coconut instead.  Otherwise the candy will go even softer.


Joyce said...

These look so good! Sorry to hear about your dad. Have a safe trip. xo

Tracy said...

I'm definitely going to have to try these. Have a safe trip.

Anonymous said...

Many getting well wishes, yet these treasures 'straight into the mouth' might make everything better.
A nice and safe journey.

daily athens

Lynn said...

Joyce: THanks. Things are going well. Today was a good day, but because he was feeling fairly good, he was a bit more obnoxious! LOL

Tracy: So, tried them yet? hehe

Robert: I tucked a few in my bag. :o)