Thursday, April 1, 2010

202: Maple Fest

The Maple Festival!  Hubs had some friends coming over, so I took the kids out of the house and we headed south to take in the festival last Saturday.  I just grabbed my point and shoot and threw it into my bag.

It was soooo fun!

We learned about tapping trees to collect the sap:

I'd love to meet the guy who thought, "Gee, if we collect tree sap and boil it down, will it taste good?"  Honestly.  What an odd, but ultimately brilliant, idea.

We went to the sugar shack, where we learned how they boil the sap down.  We ate spotza, which is made by boiling the sap down until the syrup is at the soft ball stage, then pouring it over crushed ice.  It was originally poured over snow.  It turns into a yummy taffy-like candy.  Spotza is a Pennsylvania Dutch word nmeaning, "spot on the snow."  I guess you just have to be careful what yellow snow spot you actually eat.  Just saying'.

And bought maple cakes.  It takes a gallon of the sap to make this one little cake (I took this photo today)

Here are some sugar presses:

And some bits and pieces from the cobbler's shop:

Played some old fashioned games.  I'm afraid that I was holding on to stilts, so didn't take a photo. I was also trying my best to keep track of the kids!  But here's one of the guys hanging out helping kids (and parents) who needed it.

Then we went to the parade.  I haven't been to a parade, really, in years.  This was, indeed, a classic.  Lots of firetrucks:

And bands:

And baton twirlers (this one's for you, Mom!)

And queens and princess from a variety of festivals.  My personal favorites?  Dairy and Buckwheat.


Old cars:

The Shriners:

And loads and loads of tractors.  Lines upon lines of tractors old and new.  Here are just a couple of the old ones.

And yet MORE tractors:

It wouldn't be a parade down here without the Civil War guys:

And a Revolution War dude.  Check out the skunk hat!  Yeehaw! 

And buckets of candy pelted at us.  The kids were in heaven.

And I?  I left with maple sugar candy, maple cake, and maple peanuts (photo taken today).

Which puts me right smack into maple heaven.  Or maybe it's just a sugar-induced coma.



Anonymous said...

What a wonderful proof that it indeed must be a great place, a great country where you are living.
The only kind of parades over here are usually to remind of war and many times accompanied by soldiers and such vehicles - what a joy to be taken on the walk with you ! Being able to spot the most impressive things, e.g. the fingertips of the white cloves, probably knowing many hours of playing. Sorry for the size of this comment, am only very impressed and thankful for you sharing such beauty. Please have you all a nice weekend and Easter celebration.

Lynn said...

Oh, Robert, you can comment as long as you'd like! I'm glad you enjoyed the photos--I thought the post was so long nobody would look at it except maybe my mother. LOL Have a lovely week.