Saturday, April 3, 2010

Day 204:

Hot cross buns.  It was a comedy of errors, but in the end, they turned out.  I'm so not a bread baker.  I do the dough in the machine, although I rise and shape by hand.  I've always been frustrated by the rise, though. Never seems to work out.  But anyway.

After an hour, they weren't even beginning to rise.  So I decided to try again--different recipe.  By the time it came out of the breadmaker, 2-1/2 hours after I started the initial rise, the first batch desided to get a move on and rise.  I guess it just needed a little competition.  So into the oven it went.  Turned out pretty nice, actually.

Meanwhile, the first batch also was taking it's sweet time to rise, but I didn't worry this time.  Just let it sit there, in the slightly warm oven, for hours.  Finally, they were doubled.  Stuck 'em in to bake, and they looked gorgeous.  Big and fluffy and warm.  Just want I wanted.

Until I took them out of the pan, and they deflated.  They hadn't been baked enough, and that was that. Half their height in a matter of seconds.  Drat. But at least now I know that things WILL rise.  It just will take all day.

In the meantime, we have the first batch.  And, although they taste pretty good, I am convinced, yet again, that  yeast is my personal enemy.

Oh--and Adam?  I opened one up to put butter on it for him, and he said, "nose goop."  Eh?  Golden raisins.  Even after I ate one, he was still convinced I baked with boogers.



Theresa said...

These are beautiful Lynn. I'll be over later for one. :)

Maple syrup post was so interesting. My mom is from Pennsylvania. Up until a few years ago we always went to visit my grandmother there, til she died at 100! I miss it there. Such sweet people, such beautiful countryside.

Come, we are doing another music giveaway...

kathryn said...

Those buns are gorgeous...but I can definitely appreciate Adam's point of view. And once you think it's nose goop, you're doomed!