Monday, May 3, 2010

Day 234: From pigs to ponies...

hehe...yeah, I know.  Horse noses.  I don't know what's with taking goofy photos of animal noses lately.

OK.  From horse noses to puppy noses:

And here's Fluffy, the ancient barn cat.  He was a stray from who knows where who showed up one day at Sis' house and decided to stsay.  Although he has only one or two teeth, he still manages to keep the barn mouse free!

I think he's probably called fluffy because he ends up with mats like these, which end up strewn about the barn:

OK.  That's enough farm critters for one day.  hehe




Recipemom said...

amazing photos... where did u learn this?

Anonymous said...

The fog has the prettiest nose of all!!!!! I'm just a dog person..the others are cute, too! Love the horse pics.

Relyn said...

Those are great images. I loved the close ups of all the cute little critters.