Sunday, May 9, 2010

Day 239: Maddening Puzzle

Spent a good 20 minutes today trying to put this hot wheel track back in the box.  I did it once--last year.  Couldn't figure it out this time.

Any ideas?

Here's the first one.  One piece in the box in the only way it will fit:

And here's another one with the triangular piece in the spot where one would THINK it would fit. 

It does not.  See that long red piece?  It sits on top of the gray one, and the lid won't close.

I finally gave up.  Any ideas?




Lisa said...

I remember this from last year! I packed it in when it went in the box. There is some sort of trick to getting that red piece to fold back so it is going towards the right side of the picture. Too bad I can't remember the trick! Have fun...

Anonymous said...

I so remember those days...actually still happens to me but with kitchen and household gadgets!