Thursday, May 27, 2010

Day 257: Oregano Rescue Society

A note to those who took me up on the Freecycle oregano offer:

They've been dug out and plunked unceremoniously in pots since Monday.  It has been hot.  I've been watering them.  Not sure how long they'll last without a permanent home.

Please save them before they expire, poor, homeless things.

Thank you. 

In other news...

I played the piano for a high school graduation tonight.  Do you think I remembered to bring my camera, though?  OK, I had my arms too full to carry it, but there were some neat opportunities for unusual pictures.  No point in normal "Joe So-and-so receiving his diploma" photos, since I didn't know anybody.  BUT I kept thinking of other things to take photos of.  And couldn't/  And it drove me mad.  The end.

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