Saturday, May 29, 2010

Day 259: Tom Cattin'

This cat has been hanging around our place.  The photos don't do him justice.  He's a big, beautiful, friendly boy.  The problem is that he hasn't been neutered.  Nope.

And since he likes our place so much, he has decided to mark it.  And ooooh yuck, do our porches smell.

I was going to catch him after these photos and bring him to the shelter or to the vet or something, but I couldn't bear to do either right now, and when I went back out after bringing my camera in, he was off on another adventure anyway.  So he has a reprieve while I figure out what to do.  Maybe just keeping a bucket of water, as my husband suggests, is the best bet for now.  But he's so beautiful and so friendly (my kids can go right up and pet him--unlike our cats, who run when they see the kids!) that I really don't want to do him any harm. 

A friend suggested a spray that keeps cats from spraying (ah, the irony).  I meant to stop at the pet store on the way back home this afternoon, but didn't get there.  Monday, I guess.

All right.  Enough of this blather. Here are the photos:


Shawna said...

I like his eyes! (But probably not his smell - too bad).

TKW said...

Love the photos of this cat (and the ones of Mooch). Sorry he's marking you up, though. Stinky!