Thursday, May 6, 2010

Day 236: Hurdy gurdy gurl.

Yesterday, Day 236, didn't happen.  Got up at 2:00 am to catch the bus to Prince George to catch the plane.  Then it was fly fly fly, almost miss connections, find that my luggage has gotten misplaced by the airline.  Then finally to the hotel in Pitt at about midnight.  So tired that it felt like my mind and body weren't connected.  Weird.

So yesterday didn't exist.  I'll add a day at the end of the 365 to make up for it. 

But I do have a photo from the other day of my sister playing a hurdy-gurdy that was made by a good friend of my mom's.  He made the coolest instruments!  Lisa has a standup suitcase base, the hurdy-gurdy, an ugly stick, and a uke-wee-wee made from a bedpan (I can't remember whether Tom made that one or not).   Very cool.

Anyway, she's the only person I know who has one of these.  Not only that, but she can play the thing.  Apparently it's supposed to sound like sick bagpipes.  And it does.  :oD

Here she is:

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