Sunday, May 30, 2010

Day 260: Tops and Bottoms...and Mooch in the middle



And Mooch in the middle:

And here's a photo of Mooch's top.  And least it's not his bottom, which is usually what I end up getting. 
He still looks a bit annoyed by the whole thing.

The pencils are the collection of Julia's fancy gift pencils from preschool through now that have NOT been sharpened.  She thinks they're too nice to use!

The Mooch is part of a collection of two cats plus a stray Tom.  He is generally NOT impressed.  We think he's too fluffy not to pet.  He does NOT like getting his photo taken.

On another note:  Son is smelling particularly beautiful now thanks to Daughter who decided he needed to be drenched in perfume.  Good perfume.  Serves me right for taking time to post during the day.  I'm  sorry I can't take a picture of how nice he smells.  hehe

105 days left to this challenge.  105...105...105...


Le blÖg d'Ötli said...

A nice collection... Sometimes, I have pens I can't use as well ;) Is it bad, doctor ?

Lovely cat too !

Lynn said...

hehe. Nothing a few months of therapy can't cure, Otli!