Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Day 254: Taken 05/24/2010

This has gotten to be a "take a photo every day, post every other day" blog, which was NOT my intention!  So *raised hand in boy scout salute* I will hereby post a photo every day as originally planned. 

Unless I don't. 

With Meryl gone, here's my schedule:

Get up at 6:00.
exercise, shower, personal study etc.
7:00 the kids get up.  Get them ready and such until
8:00, when Julia goes off to school.
Work until 12:00.
Mom/housekeep/laundry.dishes/errands and what have you until
4:00 J gets home from school.
Afterschool thing.dinner prep and such until
5:30 or 6:  Supper.
7:00 kids start getting ready for bed. Jammies/teeth/scriptures/prayers/stories/songs/ good night kisses/lights out.
8-12:  Work.

So is it any wonder that every once in awhile, when I'm putting J down, I fall asleep in her comfy comfy chair and crash, waking up at 1:00 a.m. and realizing I haven't worked or posted?


Here is the photo I took yesterday while I was digging up extra oregano out of my garden sometime during the "momming/errands/chores/predinner" portion of the day.

Looks like the chives need some thinning out as well.

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