Thursday, May 6, 2010

Day 237:

OK.  So, I have been plotting and planning with a friend and today it came to fruition.  It's pretty hard to keep a secret from someone after almost 10 years of marriage, but it CAN happen!

M and I will be married 10 years in July, but he will be in California then, so with the help of Sarah and a couple of others, we connived to surprise him when he came to pick me up in Pittsburg to bring me back home.  Instead of booking one night at the hotel just for me, I booked two.  The indomitable Sarah took the kids overnight, and here we are.  M deserves it, too.  He was a trooper while I was gone, taking care of the kids 24/7 kids, a broken down car, and putting out other little fires.  Anyway, he WAS surprised!  He had no idea, and it was so fun to tell him that he was going to have a little break from it all before he has to head out to seemingly endless days of Arabic studies, army physical training, and TP duty.  hehe.

Here are a couple of hotel pictures.  Between lunch, hot tub outside on this beautiful, warm day, more eating, and just hanging out and yacking (yes, it's true.  We talked hockey.  It was a beautiful thing), I haven't taken any other photos.

And I'm  not.  Until tomorrow.  We're going car shopping.  Any good ideas?  We're going to look at a Mazda 5.  Smallish, but probably just what we need.

OK.  Or should that be, "Oh-koi?"  (HA!  I crack myself up.  Must still be tired...)

The beautiful atrium. 

Where the koi spend their time hanging out and begging.  Which they would be successful at were it not for the nearby sign that says, " Do not feed the trout."  We only saw two fish that were troutlike.  The rest must have been used to feed ON.  Yum...trout.  Lightly breaded and seared then garnished with a bit of lemon...oh yeah...




Tracy said...

What a fun little getaway! I'm sure you'll both enjoy every minute. :)

Anonymous said...

What a great photography of the fish.

Please have a nice Sunday you all.

daily athens