Monday, May 17, 2010

Day 247: Because I'm desperate.

I guess I can add this ad-hoc to "not me Monday."

It is NOT 1:00 a.m., and I did NOT just take these photos now of my kitchen.  Yes, I did make cookies this afternoon, but I did NOT leave the dough on the beater for hours.  And I did NOT just now take a photo of said beaters with the dried up batter on it.

Nope.  I did not.

But I AM going to go and clean it up right now, insanely late or no, because really?  It's disgusting.

In my defence, however, as I was making the cookies, I called to make an appointment for J to go to the doctor about a tick bite.  Yes, M found a tick in her neck on Saturday.  Yuck.  So I called to make the appointment late this afternoon, thinking it would be later on in the week when she'd get in.  But nope.  They wanted her there shortly after 5.  I was making these cookies about then, so simply took the batch I was doing out of the oven and raced to the doctor.  Where we found that J has strep throat.  Incidentally, I mentioned that she'd woken up this morning with a scratchy voice, although she hadn't complained of a sore throat.  "Well, strep is going around.  Let's swab her to make sure, but more than likely it's just a cold.  Might as well swab while she's here, though."  Five minutes later, the nurse practitioner comes back with a funny smile on her face.  "You won't believe this, but she has strep!"  And the antibiotic to take care of that will take care of any nastiness from the tick, should there be any.  And then it was off to grab something for dinner, since we hadn't been home to make something and it was close to 7:00.  Then to the hospital to bring the tick to the lab for testing. Where we waited for an hour.  Then to the pharmacy to get the meds, only to find it was closed.  Then home.  Kids to bed.  10:00--yikes!  Then transcribe for two hours to get at least 5 hours into the day.  Then post photos from the past two days, then into the kitchen in search of SOMETHING to take a photo of and...

Oh.  Yuck.  I hadn't cleaned anything.

No.  That's a lie.  When the shelf fell down in the corner cupboard, it cracked a jug of oil, and there was oil everywhere.  I still haven't gotten to the stuff IN the cupboard, but it was leaking all over the floor, so I spent an hour trying to clean it up.  No small feat, let me tell you.

And it's into the cupboard tomorrow. 

Double yuck.

So. Here is the photo of my dried up cookie batter.  It usually doesn't make it to this stage, because little fingers--or larger ones--usually snitch it all before I can even get it to the sink to be washed!  Not today, though.

Triple yuck.

The cookies are pretty good, though.  Double chocolate chip with a bit of mint flavoring thrown in for J's benefit.

OK.  Let me go throw the goopy beater into the dishwasher. Then to bed.  Tuckered out, I is!




Tracy said...

Oh, no! Oil is a terrible thing to clean up. I'm sorry that you had that kind of a day. No fun!

Anonymous said...

Many getting well wishes. Those cookies surely will be helpfull. To be honest, apart from you, I don't know anyone making cookies at home. Impressed.