Friday, June 4, 2010

Day 266: Mistress Mary quite contrary...

Spent most of the afternoon in the garden.  It started to rain, but we decided to stay out there anyway.  Adam kept chiming in "a little bit of rain won't stop US!"  And it didn't.  We finally got the beans in, almost a month late.  And since the kids are doing the garden this year, the rest is, for the most part, flowers.  Except for some sweet peppers, which I snagged.

Anyway, we found this little lady in the garden earlier in the day.  She was a truckin' it!  We had trouble taking pictures because she had places to go, people to SEE, important engagements to attend to and all, don't you know.  Julia loved it.  She had the sweetest expression on her face--it was a look of wonder as she felt the ladybug's teeny-tiny feet tickling her arm. 

Then later, after a trip to the nursery and a change--for about the third time--of clothing for J, it was out again.  I had told the kids that since I was going to be working quite a bit this summer they would be responsible for the garden.  They could choose what they wanted to plant.  I suggested a bean teepee, which they loved, and then they wanted flowers.  So Adam chose some geraniums and Julia some pansies and impatiens.   I grabbed some sweet peppers, cilantro, and basil so at least there was SOMETHING else, and away we went.  So we put up the teepee--so late that we won't get anything off it until the end of August, but what can you do.  Whenever we could go out, it would rain. Anyway, we planted the beans and flowers.  We all got gloriously wet and muddy and tired and HUNGRY.  Which meant that it must have been a successsful day.

Other highlights?  Bopping along with Sharon, Lois, and Brahm cranked in the car with the kids banging away on a few stray musical instruments left in the car from doing music with Julia's class earlier this week.  The kids absolutely enthralled with, of all things, water lily flowers at the nursery.  And, best of all, the kids having a day where, for the most part, there were no spats.  Just lots of love.  It doesn't happen often, so today was definitely red letter!

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jane said...

sounds perfect to me! enjoy your weekend!