Monday, June 28, 2010

Day 289: What's with...

...this bit of lettuce which, year after year, continues to sprout underneath a railing where for one year we had a window box where we tried--and failed--to make lettuce grow.  The next year, and again this year, it has reseeded itself and grown in a little crack in the concrete by the back steps.  It seriously mocks my gardening ability.  Give it good soil and love and it wouldn't grow.  Give it a crack and no dirt whatsoever, and it thrives.  I tell ya, I'm getting a bit tired of the attitude around here.  I should show it a thing or two and pull it out.  But its stubborness is kind of endearing, and it's up with even more vigor than last year.  I kinda want to see how it'll do next year.  Maybe I can get a whole salad.  Better yet, market a concrete crack gardening concept.  It'll be the next big "Only Seen on TV" thing, right next to the Topsy Turvey Tomato planter.

Saw this out there, too.

And what, may I ask, is with the digital busy-ness of the photos taken with my new lens on aperture priority?  Just noticed it on these, since it's my first time using that particular setting.  Definitely something to check out tomorrow.  Wonder if it set the ISO really high or something for some reason.  Hmn.  Fingers crossed it was just a weird auto thing. 

OK.  After that ramble, of which I know you hung on to every word (HA!!) I'll leave you.  It's bedtime.  After I Frontline the cats.  Edifying, isn't it? 


Kim Living Life said...

love that feisty lettuce how funny and actually i love the feather weird auto thing or not. have fun with the new lens

SuziCate said...

I know you hate that. I had some flowers I planted last year didn't do well, did not come back this year except for like five which sprouted in between the cobble stones which are a few feet a way from the beds!

elizabeth said...

The lettuce is saying, "Let me show you how it's done!"

I love both these photos.

kathryn said...

ISO?? Huh?

I like that shot! But I'm an amateur...what do I know?

As for the lettuce, I LOVE your idea! The next "as seen on TV" thing, definitely! HA! Lettuce that'll grow anywhere...except in the places you'd expect!

Chris said...

Love both these photos and also love your sense of humor. I think you might be onto something there with the idea of marketing a concrete crack gardening concept. Talk about perseverance!