Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Day 276: Soccer Power

Quick snaps of J playing her last game.  Trying to take these whilst sitting in a camp chair with A crawling all over was challenging. J came within an inch of scoring a goal on the last play--only to miscalculate and have the ball pinch by the goal post.  Not sure how she missed it--she was by herself right in front of an empty net, but I guess the pressure was just too much!  She is getting much, much better at the game, although like all the other girls, she does a lot of skipping and dancing around the ball without actually getting in there and accomplishing much.  Unlike her mother at that age, however, she knows which direction to go.  I was known for madly running any which way, having no clue.  None whatsoever.  I was the despair of my grade 4-6 teacher's life, since he was from eastern Europe and breathed soccer.  I was such a disappointment in the sports area that he couldn't get past it.  And that's a sob story for another day.

So any clumsiness she gets from me, and any actual skill at the game she gets from her dad.  :oD

Here she is tangling with the best player on the other team.  Awesome.  It looks like she's plowing him over, but actually he was diving for the ball, a la World Cup, and she actually got it away from him.  Go Girl!

And here she is just before her goal attempt:

In other news:  New lens is ordered!  YAY!  Should arrive by the weekend.  To say I'm thrilled at the thought of having a good multipurpose lens is an understatement.  I won't have to get in people's faces to do their photos or, alternatively,  back into the next county.  Yes!  Of course, now I'm going to have to start saving for a 70-200 (the new IS one will probably necessitate pawning off one of my kids), then a macro, then...  There will always be something!  But for now, I finally have a better chance at getting the photos I want..  Three cheers!

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kathryn said...

Oh, fabulous shots, sweetie! Love the kid doing (what appears to be) a kick-butt karate move nowhere near the actual ball, while daughter looks amusingly on...

Did your childhood coach retire after you left?