Friday, June 25, 2010

Day 286: Crazy Crows

We've been fascinated by the crows the last couple of days.  They're interesting critters to watch.  There's sort of a standing joke about the neighbourhood rooks.  These things are HUGE.  Anyway, Julia noticed yesterday a group of them paying particular attention to a patch of dry grass on the green patch between the sidewalk and the road.  Same thing today.  So I went out on the porch and quickly took a few shots.

See how one of them has their wings outstretched?  It looks like she's (I'm assuming a she) is nesting.  But there's no nest.  Just a patch of short, dry grass.  And they're all so very attentive and busy over that one, little spot.

Any idea what's going on here?

When I tried to get closer, they scattered to the trees and proceeded to chew me out.

No question that their language would need to be edited, if this were crow-video. 

Crows are such interesting critters.  So very smart.  When I was a kid, a lady who lived near the elementary school had a crow that could talk.  He wasn't domesticated, particularly.  He'd fly off for months and then come back and hang at her house.  And my sister works with a lady who has a young crow named Ike that is pretty much a pet and hangs out with the horses when she's working them in the ring.  There's something kind of striking about their plumage as well.  Yes, I know they're scavengers and can be a nuisance, but yet I can't help like them nonetheless.

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Le blÖg d'Ötli said...

... and nice shots !

Croa (In French in this text)

Dar said...

yep. Crows are pretty cool (ravens too). Nice shots.

likeschocolate said...

We don't have to many of these birds here in Georgia. Kind of makes me happy because they kind of give me the creeps. I guess all the ominous stories that include them.

Lynn said...

Otli: Croa back! And a couple of caws as well!

Dar: Ravens are neat. I love how they hop and kind of croak. And they're HUGE, even by these massive crows' standards! I don't find them quite as fascinating, but being from British Columbia, I've heard many Coast Salish and Haida legends surrounding them.

Likeschocolate: I guess there are some ominous stories about crows, but I've heard more about ravens! Crows are pretty cool. They were out there again this morning, same spot, same behavior, same racket!

Chris said...

I'm amazing you were able to get this close. They are such skittish creatures and usually found around my way in threes in the tress. Two watch in a nearby pine tree, while the third tries to make believe he's the size of the songbirds who sup at our tube feeders. I especially like your last shot. Very nice.