Monday, June 7, 2010

Day 269

Today the simplest little things make me weep. 

Sweet little weed flowers

Busy little ants...even though the ant guy had to come for the annual "keep-'em-out" spray job today.

People far more articulate than myself have blogged about the oil spill.  But when I see these little things today, it breaks my heart for all the little things, as well as the obviously more noticeable things, that are being lost.

And I have an almost irresistable urge to grab some soap and go on a road trip to help.

But I can't.

So I pray.

And wipe my misty eyes.

And think about these little, seemingly inconsequental, things and how much I appreciate

even those pesky ants

a little more these days.


kathryn said...

I know, Sweetie...I feel the same way. It's unbearable watching the news...those images stay with me for hours afterward.

I was thinking this as a tourist ad came on for Massachusetts...showing the white, sandy beaches. So sad.

Anonymous said...

When I hear BP talking about making it right, I wonder what they mean. Not in my lifetime... not those wetlands.

So, so sad!

Kim Living Life said...

it is a disaster isn't it! So sorry for the loss of such wonderful wetlands. We had a similar though nowhere near as devestating spill recently. Your pics are wonderful though and the spice ones great.