Thursday, June 17, 2010

Day 278: What tools.

No.  Seriously.  They are!

Dear hubby:  The entry porch area disaster has been cleaned up.  Those boxes and boxes of books and office things from the college-which-shall-not-be-named?  In the attic.  Boxes with leftovers from the garage sale two years ago?  At Goodwill.  Gardening/yard stuff like pest powder and the like?  In the back monstrosity that holds the gardening stuff.  Sports junk (balls, bike helmets, soccer gear)?  In a bin.  All your doweling (what hasn't been destroyed by the kids, that is) is downstairs.  Martial arts stuff is under the bed, just in case when you get back you wonder where they are and I can't remember where I put them.  Remember:  Under the bed.


In the toolbox.  Although I'm sure we owned a phillips screwdriver as well as three--no, four (I missed one in the shot)-- flat heads?  Any idea where it would be?

Floor?  Vacuumed.

My back will never, ever be the same again, but it's done.


Course, now that you're getting so buffed up in PT, I should have waited until you got back, then put you to work doing it.  You could have hauled a box in each hand and one on each of your washboard abs.  It would have been done in only half a dozen trips.

Please get back soon.  I think we need to move some furniture.



Captain Dumbass said...

Hmm... that doesn't sound like a lot of incentive to come home.

Hey, what part of BC are you from?

Lynn said...

Hehe. It'll be a couple of years before he's back. He's doing some intensive foreign language training in California as part of his job. It's kind of an interesting life right now!

I'm originally from Burns Lake. Alberta for university, then back to BC where I worked in Burnaby as a music teacher for a few years.