Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Day 270: The Un-Cheddar

About a month or so ago, one of the local grocers went out of business.  That meant amazing sales, most of which weren't so amazing until the last week or so, by which time I was out of town.  But just prior to my leaving for the trip to Canada, we went to try to find good deals on chocolate.  Which we did.  But what caught my eye and made my mouth instantly go bananas was a solitary box of Kavli flatbread sitting forlornly on the shelf.  You see, I had forgotten all about Kavli, but seeing that familiar red box instantly brought me back to being a kid, and occasionally getting these as a treat.  A Kavli with butter on?  Yum. 

So of course I had to buy the box.  At 70% off, there was no denying the attraction.

Nobody else in the house appears to like them as much as I do.  Silly people.  So they've lasted awhile.

Fast forward a few weeks.  Last weekend we went out to run a few errands and decided on a whim to stop at a local farmer's market.  We'd never been there before.  It ended up being rather a pitiful smear of about five trucks with sad, wilted produce set out.  BUT they also had a guy selling home made cheeses.  He was giving out samples and, well, it was again one of those things entirely beyond my control.  It was magnetic.  That cheese had to be mine.

Isn't it lovely?  It looks like a beautiful piece of cheesecake. 

What's funny about it is that it's called their "un-cheddar" because it started out as a mistake.  They were all set to make regular cheddar cheese, when something happened and the stuff wouldn't cheddar properly (this according to the cheese guy).  They decided to try to sell it anyway, and people really liked it!  And so did I.

What, pray tell, is rennet?  I'll have to go commune with Google, I suppose.

It tastes kind of like feta.  Kind of.  This particular batch was particularly strong, because it had been aged well over 60 days.  The CG (Cheese Guy) said that this spring's batch isn't ready yet, because it has to be aged 2 months.  So this is some of last year's.  And it is STRONG.  But very yummy in teeny-weeny doses.

Sooo... today I took out a Kavli and looked at it.  And buttered a piece.  And munched my way to Kavli bliss.  And then eyeballed the cracker as it informed me that although it enjoyed day-to-day nibbles with just butter, it really wanted to get all dressed up.

So I cut the cheese.  So to speak.

And, although strong, it was delish.

And now I'm falling asleep all over this post.  *yawn*  So I'm off to bed.




Le blÖg d'Ötli said...

Can I taste ? Pleaaaase ?


inna said...

looks so good!

to answer you question, I got a 17-70mm macro lens (to be precise, Sigma DC 17-70mm 1:2.8-4.5 Macro HSM). I love it as it's so much better than the kit lens (18-55mm) and has a bit more zoom:-)