Thursday, June 24, 2010

Day 285: Dung Spuds

Can you imagine?  I mean, I love cows.  Chased a few of them out the garden and down the road to their pastures plenty of times growing up.  I love their pink noses, their pretty, placid eyes, and their gentle lowing.

I don't like their manure.  I don't like stepping in it, the way it covers their hind ends (HOW can it get everywhere like that?  It's not like they sit in it, after all.), and how it STINKS.

But that's what my kitchen smelled like today.  I tore the kitchen apart today trying to figure out where it was coming from.

Potatoes.  Only a few days old.  Seriously smelled JUST like cow dung.

I know potatoes are grown in dirt with cow manure and all.  But these had been washed.  Really, really clean even for commercial standards--not a speck of dirt on them.  So why the smell?  No idea.  But it was not pleasant.

So I dumped them all in a pot of water, sorted through to make sure there were no rotten ones (there was one) and now I have manure smelling hands.  Niiiice.

The potatoes appear to have been salvaged.  And even more importantly, my kitchen doesn't smell like a barn.

But I do.


Also, if you didn't check out the post about my new camera bag, and you're looking for something stylish and handbag-like for your DSLR, please do. So far, it's working really great, and I want to tell the world!


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