Friday, August 17, 2012

30-Days 3: Brittany

My favorite ice cream place.  Yum!  And one of my favorite flavours today--coconut/chocolate twist.  


It must be the week of tie-dyed shirts, coz I just noticed Brittany is wearing one, as was Autumn yesterday.  She was really approachable and readily agreed to have her photo taken.  I wish everyone was as nice as Brittany!  Unfortunately, although nobody was there when we drove up, as soon as I asked her for her photo, some people lined up behind us, so this isn't exactly as I would have set it up if I had the time.  But that's what this is all about--photographing under pressure, and I think it still turned out kinda cute, especially with only taking one shot!  

Helps to have a nice looking, friendly model, too.

So thanks, Brittany, for serving us my favourite ice cream and allowing me to take your photo.

You rock!
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Megan ~ Just Plain Loopy said...

Seriously LOVE this challenge, and each day I find myself looking forward to seeing if you've managed to find a willing participant.

christina said...

oh she is so pretty! love this project.