Thursday, August 30, 2012

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming

For sunflowers!

Had to post these.  The last of Alyssa's senior session, since the fleurs were finally ready!  I know I've gone a bit nut with posting Alyssa, but dang it--how could I not post these bright, sunny flowers!

There are couple of these without the tractor, but I just LOVE having the tractor in the shot.  Adds a bit more visual interest.  As though it needed any more, but hey.  It was just a lucky addition.

Sun flare heaven..

It looks like the flower is kissing Alyssa on the cheek!  

Another stranger tomorrow.  



Chris O said...

You are a genius with your camera! Lovely, lovely, lovely!!!!

Carly said...

The second with all the sun flare is my favorite! Beautiful images!