Thursday, August 23, 2012

Faces 8: Meet the gas guys

And I mean that with the highest degree of respect! These guys have been busy all summer replacing the old gas lines in the neighbourhood.  And not just a teensy part of the neighbourhood.  We're talking a massive job covering I don't know how many streets and blocks.  You know when you see two backhoes and a drill and who knows what else (I'm not mechanically minded) on one road that there's some pretty intense work going on, and these are a few of the men doing it.

Personally, I would rather the gas lines were intact and up to date, so even though the neighbourhood has been a bit of a mess this summer, that's the price we have to pay for safety.  So.  Thanks guys, for being the ones bringing us into the 21st century!  I should have asked them how many they're replacing and how old the current lines are, but I didn't.  As it was I had to take these quickly, because the drill was a block away from the hole and drilling away, so they needed to be on top of things so a hole didn't go where it wasn't supposed to.

I edited the photos to look like they'd got a bit of a trip in the mud that was in the hole and the liquidy goo the drill was releasing.  It was...lovely.  But I figured these guys would rather look manly and hard working than bright and sunshiny.  Although if you'd like your photo done with a pretty, pastel tint or something, let me know!  LOL

While Terry, Patrick, Todd, and Scott (above) were slaving away under the hot sun, Joel here was living the life 'o riley under an umbrella.  OK.  He couldn't HEAR anything, what with the machinery and all, but still.  Seriously, though, it's amazing how he could drill a block away from the hole and get it absolutely accurate, and it was interesting to see how they communicated to each other to get the drill going exactly where it needed to be.  It definitely takes a lot of skill.

So now we know the guys doing the gas line work.  If you pass by, bring a glass of something cold.  I'm sure they'd appreciate it!

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Chris O said...

I love these pics! They're so cool! We also have guys working down the street from where I live. Tearing up a road though that is in bad shape for sure. It's heavily travelled because the one we would normally use is also under construction. DUH! What a mess! I need some intestinal fortitude to do this myself! Sigh!