Wednesday, August 15, 2012

30 Days Day 1--Whew!

Inspired by Caroline at Constantly Evolving, I decided to finally try a 30-Day portrait project.  I love taking photos of people--LOVE IT.  But I needed to give myself a bit of a boost--a reason to start carrying my camera around everywhere I go again after the 365 project a couple of years ago.  I wanted to stretch myself, improve my skills, and meet interesting people in the community.  I should have started at the beginning of August, but frankly I was a chicken.  Bawk.

Those of you who know me know that although I'm a-ok with clients and friends and can be goofy and friendly with people I know or who have asked me to take their picture, I'm pretty reserved otherwise.  The idea of going up to complete strangers and asking to take their photo scared me.  Scares me.  Knees knocking.  Sweats.  Face turning red.  Oh yeah.  It's not a pretty picture.

But since I told everyone on Facebook last week that I was going to do this, what could be done?  So away I went.

First to the fire station, but nobody was around.  Dang.  Then to Central Park downtown, where I took a photo of the fountain while trying to build up the nerve to talk to a group of old guys commiserating.  They were great guys--friendly and funny with great laugh lines built through years of living--but they didn't want to get their photos done.  They were seniors, and when I mentioned "blog," they didn't want anything to do with that newfangled stuff!  But they were fun to meet.

Then I drove around scoping people, feeling a bit like a stalker, I'm afraid.  Then thought I'd go take a photo of the Incline Plane operator.  But he was looking pretty busy.

So then, last ditch effort, back to the firehall.

And someone came up the stairs!!  YAY!  Told me to head downstairs, and one of the guys for sure wouldn't mind.  My legs were shaking so much that I thought I'd probably fall down the stairs, and rather than getting their photos done, they'd be giving ME first aid.  I suppose there are worse places to break something.  But thankfully, all went well, the guys went along with the idea, and I was able to get the first photos of the project.

So meet Randy and Dave.  Who saved the first day and perhaps the whole shebang.

Here they are looking oh so serious.

And one with the shades, coz it just had to be done!  Decided to process it kinda cool and grainy.

Thanks guys!  You made my day!


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The Spratt's said...

First picture is my favorite !! Love it!

The Spratt's said...

I meant the first picture of the guys :D

Megan ~ Just Plain Loopy said...

Love the first picture!

Megan ~ Just Plain Loopy said...

Love the first picture!