Friday, August 10, 2012

The Lovely Kaeli

I JUMPED at the chance to photograph Kaeli.  No wonder.  Just look at those eyes!

We chased light all over town.  Yeah.  You can tell when the light was good and when it was painful, can't you?  Luckily, the train kind of lent itself to the starkness of the higher light.  Had a great time!  This girl is so full of fun.  Super intelligent, witty, and gorgeous.  A killer combination.  Her parents are probably beating away the boys!  

Once again, I'm crazy about the black and whites.  Is there something wrong with me?

I won't be able to think about these field shots without thinking about her grandmother worrying about snakes!! She was good, though, and held it together until long after the shoot, when she probably allowed herself a good, long, anxiety attack.  HA!

Can I say again how beautiful this girl is, inside and out?  Indeed.  


Renée Marie Swenson said...

Beautiful photos Lynn! You captured her personality!

Chris O. said...

The photos of Kaeli are indeed beautiful but then the photographer isn't half bad either!! HA!