Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Faces 13: Gatumi and Amanda

I couldn't help but stop and ask these two if I could take their photo.  They seem so happy, and they're such an attractive couple.

So.   I did.

They probably think I stalked them, because I saw them at the uni (although not their faces, because their heads were covered with motorcycle helmets).  But as I was taking their photo, I noticed both were wearing biking boots, and it turns out I'd inadvertently followed them to Starbucks!

I have to say, they were great.   Really friendly and easy to shoot.  And they're absolutely adorable together, too.


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Amanda said...

I think you swapped the names! The vogue girl on campus with sunglasses is Taylor and Gatumi is the African boy! LOVE the pics!

Lynn said...

CRUD!!! HAAA!! Thanks...

Chris O said...

You're right what a cute couple!!! Somehow, though, I like the B&W better. Don't know why.