Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Yes, I'm going out to take a photo of a stranger to start my 30-Day Portrait Project, but before I go do that, I had to post this photo of the sun starting to go down on our picnic the other day.  Such a great time with Meryl's Aunt Betty and all of those cousins!  The chicken was great!  Just a note, though--don't go in the water ANYWHERE but the roped off swimming area.  Even though the lake is huge and, for someone used to being able to swim in a lake that has tons of fishing, safe--I guess that's against the rules...

But at least I had fun with the kids and Belle in the water long before the ranger showed up.  


OK.  Here's the shot.  Loving the sun flare.  

*sigh of photographic blissfulness*  

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